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In the past four to five months, I have been writing about the Syrian conflict and everything revolving around it, from Daesh to Muslims in America. It has been a long journey and an educational one as well. It has really opened up my eyes to all of the conflicts going around in the world, […]

Ground Troops in Syria

Early yesterday, Saudi Arabia said that they are willing to send ground troops into Syria. They are prepared to send in troops to fight Daesh only if the United States agrees to their offer. In the past two years, Saudi Arabia has been sending air strikes into Syria to weaken Daesh. But this is the […]

Turkey Send Aid

Earlier today, Turkey sent in ambulances and aid trucks into Aleppo, Syria. These trucks were sent in to help tens of thousands of people that have fled their homes because of the increased air strikes and assaults that the government has been committing on the many villages in the area. Aleppo is currently rebel controlled […]

Daesh Suicide Bombing

I know this post is a week late and I could be posting about other things, but I still decided to write about it because I feel it is important. As I talked about a few posts ago, last weekend was the UN Peace talks on Syria. I also talked about how Staffa spoke out about inviting opposition forces but not […]